Good Morning Patreons, back to the drawing board…

It’s friday….We know two things, Market makers are either going to run for profit today, or they will form a zone/pattern ready for the next weeks targets.

Today i would like to demonstrate the benefit of projection. I will say this to you now….Projecting price is what will make you be accountable to you understanding the concepts discussed in the streams. As patreons, my goal is to ensure that you guys understand the way i trade, I know for a full fact that if you are committed you will succeed and I will be there along the way to steer you in the right direction. We are all one team, it’s us against the market makers…

So, the charts above…

Notice last night that we projected bitcoin would likely return to the 200 day ema on the 15minute time frame, which is the 50 day on the 1 hour. 

Notice how price returned back into the zone. 

Now, notice the second image…We now have to adjust our projection/pattern, but the benefit of continuously redrawing the pattern to match price allows you to approach trading systematically and objectively. These two qualities will save you so much money in the long run, you will learn to develop a habit of respect towards the criteria for an entry based on the pattern. 

So today we will see if the 200 day holds…Ideally, we are looking for Bitcoin to go to the upside…However, remember, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN….Accept this, and you will be trading with a carefree state. Not emotionless, but carefree. 

Trade well my friends.  

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