What’s good Patreons? 

Well I will say last night sure did make a few people doubt the whole strategy as a whole. What’s interesting is how people can be mislead purely on the basis that if one persons says one level is going to be hit, if anyone challenges that, then people are left with the thought that, “if he has been challenged, then he is wrong”. 

That is not the case with trading. We are operating in the realm of uncertainty, WE KNOW NOTHING. The market maker will and can change his desired direction at any point. 

Our job as a trade is to make sure that we are not subject to the emotional influences that the market tries to create: Sending price to highs, and lows, creating the illusion that you as the trader are missing out on a big move. 

Traders/Patreons are not going to be induced, we are very midnful of the tools that the market maker has to trick us in to placing trades at the wrong time. 

All we need to do is wait. 

Let them induce the dumb money, because we will know and be ready when the smart money needs to make a move. 

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