What’s good guys…

Ok looking at the image, I wanted to help you understand what the rise/retrace looks like.

Notice how the market makers push out of the 50 day on the 15m time frame, they do this on notable volume, they come back into the blue zone.

Then they return back to test the 50 day ema…

Hands down, this is a textbook example of what to look out for when price breaks a zone…Consider this, if you were to enter at the breakout, you would be sitting on a drawdown, which may trigger the 2 hour rule.

Ideally, you want to increase the odds of success by waiting for the market maker to show his hand by retesting the area he has broken out of, and ride price on the way back up. 

As a short-term day trader, you can exploit these moves for profit. Remember, we are not in the business for home runs, we are about hitting the bases. the consistency of landing winning trades is what our goal is….

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