What are the market makers trying to show us? 

How can a move that took best part of a week, take 24 hours to completely recover,…Ask your self, how many people were holding on the ethereum for dear life? Trying to hold on to the gains they had acquired…The fear of missing out was at its highest in the last 24 hours, many have been “rekt” as the culture of crypto tends to say alot…

I dont want you guys to be saying “Rekt” anymore, I want you guys to be the ones who sit back and say, “good job i waited for confirmation” 

The word “Rekt” implies ones inability to demonstrate a level of discipline in their trading…Welcome to poor decisions, poor outcomes…12 weeks you guys have been listening to me…I got your backs, but i need you to have yours too…

Forgive my abrupt tone man, but you can see why i am frustrated….

It will pass.

Trade Well My Friends


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