Good Morning Patreons, How are we today? 

Last night was a pretty interesting scenario, considering the validity of the hybrid system i have introduced to you all, was being tested. I believe many were doubtful and thinking surely Bitcoin would not go to specific levels that I had said she would go to. 

Why am I saying this? 

My goal is to get you guys to a level of understanding where you are able to identify key levels and make decisions on your own accord. 

I will not feed you  a trade, I will guide you in a favorable direction. 

The one thing I will say to you is this…Proficiency is a relationship…It’s based on your commitment with it…

Anyways, let’s talk charts.

Bitcoin, hit the key 200 Ema yesterday…(Exactly as projected, lol) that is such a funny thing.

I have been saying throughout all the streams, the W formation appears at key notable areas,, as you can see, Bitcoin formed another W formation at the key 200 day ema on the 15 minute time frame. Which is the 50 day moving average on the 1 hour time frame. 

WE can now see bitcoin rising…Is there are trade yet? NO….

We need to wait for price to pull back to the 50 day on the 15min time frame…Once this is achieved, we would be in the development of the pattern (tattoo). The near-term projection woud be the blue box area marked on the chart…

The m2 zone has been confirmed, so we are expecting the M4 zone to be seen very soon. 

As always my friends, be sure to trade with wisdom, your goal is to become proficient…forget the money…Stick with me my friends.

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