What’s good guys. So you may have received a notification from Mike regarding the changes in the discord. 

Here is the message if you missed it: 

“On July 1st we will be performing maintenance on the Discord Patreon Roles.  If your role is removed, you will need to follow these steps to regain the role:”

Log into your Patreon account and use this link


1.  For Discord, Click “Disconnect”

2. Click “Connect”

3. Log in with Discord email/password

4. Complete 2FA and/or Captcha

5. Your role should be restored in Discord

We are making a few changes in anticipation from the “New Set Up” 

The Fire just got that little bit hotter.

#thehuntjustgotbetter #facenotification #boomer #howdoyouspellhastag

Mad love 

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