Good evening/Morning all.

Just finished arranging another of “should have done this ages ago” type work…all for the better for the community.

The mindset shift in the streams is to really help me help you learn the most effective way possible…

The up and coming streams will focus on segments from the hybrid system. This will allow me to really hone in on how the variable aspects of the system, when applied optimally will assist you in your trading…

Remember, trading is Hard….

Accept that you have no control of anything other than your capital. Accept that probabilities in this game IS the game…

We are at the weekend….can you disconnect. Can you focus solely on the system and not place a trade. Especially at weekends.

Also…try and come to a level of peace that this hybrid system is based on concepts that are required to play put which…there is no guarantee that it will and you have to be happy about that. In order for it to play out.

Study previous patterns….I used to do this for a very long time.

You will be surprised how much it aides u in the trades, that you take in the future.

Also keep an eye out for tomorrow’s stream.

Mad love

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