Yo gang, the principle behind this post is to help you see the potential journey that price may take to return back to previous zones in the charts above.

Let’s make the assumption that price has concluded this extended move to the downside…What are the chances that they send the price back up to the zones provided above? 

That’s the thing with this…We will never know, but it’s about adding the confluences of what has happened, in order to understand what they are likely to do? 

The liquidity down below is present…The question we need to ask ourselves when looking at the book map is “What if they come back down to these zones to test the Limit buys at that zone before they come back up and recover some of the red vectors? 

This post is about helping you be critical with your thinking regarding zones of liquidity… and the chance they come back to test…

Let’s see how this one plays out…

What makes you think they will come back up to these zones? 

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