Yo yo guys, I hope everyone is doing really well…?A PLEASE READ THE COMMENTS IN THE TRADING VIEW CHART BELOW. 

I know I know, Bitcoin has taken a LOVELY beating, but we know this to be too fast and stinks of market maker behavior. 

The purpose of this chart is to in essence train the eyes to see the development of a move…Why? because if we can’t develop the idea behind them trying to prepare a price for this behavior in the future, there is a good chance we will miss these sort of moves over and over…

How did you all feel today with this move?…I have been driving most of the day, so it was difficult for me to get to the charts…Yet, did you guys feel in control of your behavior? I would love to hear how you guys were feeling. Today was a test as to whether or not you could hold your ground when you are dealing with the realm of uncertainty. 

Also to remind you guys, I won’t be streaming this Saturday as i will be with family…However, I will keep you guys posted with similar posts on charts like the one above. 

Mad Love to all of you guys, and forgive me for not being able to come to the charts during todays price action. 

Mad Love to you all 

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