Good morning guys, given lasts nights frustrations, I am glad to say that tonight will be the last time I up date from the destination that I am at…thank god….I have done my duty to the family, so all being well we are all systems go from tomorrow night.

What can we expect from Bitcoin today?

A lot of hype….

As you can see in the chart things appear to be setting up for another move higher. The question is when do you open and how long do you trade for?

Well that is down to you. Everyone has a different tolerance to risk and it’s all down to your ability and understanding how you can exploit the behaviour with price right now.

It’s clear that something is brewing. They are ranging bitcoin and XRP and ethereum…will we see the alts move first then the Big Three?

As always guys…add caution to caution. A move is coming. Remember it develops.

Mad love guys


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