Yo guys, 

Pay close attention to the fact that Bitcoin has now come above the 50 ema on the 1hr…

But no cigars yet….

The 13 ema needs to show its sign of strength, and trade above the 50 ema on the 1hr…

If you are struggling and want to get involved in a trade for the sake of getting into a trade…..DONT

We are about improving the chances of a trade working in our favor. 

If you are feeling like you missed out on an opportunity to grab this small move back up…Then trading is not for you…Why? because you will be thinking in lack, this is not what we talk about…We understand that there are many opportunities to grab, if you miss the move up, you can catch either the retrace back down or the continuation to the upside once a retrace has been established. 

Keep an eye out on the 15m 50 ema…You want that to cross over the 200 ema…

Always scale up what’s in sight…That way you can work out how long till you need to close a trade in profit or in a loss.

See you tonight guys 

Mad Love 

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