What’s good guys

OK, currently on the move, however I will be updating you guys later on before tonight’s live.

I have a used my time productively today and recorded 1 hours worth of scalping dollar yen and trading between eurousd also.

Let’s look at the image above….is there anyway we could have premeditated the move above by dollar yen based on the news that has just been released…see the M formation? Price has been rising none stop for the past 6 days. At what point does the market maker take a profit on his positions? Also…have a look what Gold did….

I have been expecting dollar yen to drop and I took this trade during the scalping sessions.

I will be uploading that later on for you.

BTC so far has done very well to hold the zone. Problem we have is it is yet again above key zones that are showing us the market maker is favoring shorts…Notice the small W formation on the 4h …emas are stacked together….Will we see the move to the upside?

It is the final day of the month…..


Is it possible that the market maker is working this zone to make us believe he is building shorts when he I actually trying to capitualisenon the longs that he sets when it retraces back down?

It’s Friday tomorrow so we must be on the look out.

Mad love guys


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