Yo guys, just doing a couple of edits to the video lolol 

Here is the breakdown for this week and what to expect. 

Tuesday – Daily Updates/Live Trades (MM Tier) will be recorded with discussion behind my reasoning for entry and will be uploaded for you to watch back. 

Wednesday – MASTERCLASS – Hybrid System 101 

Thursday – MASTERCLASS – Hybrid System 101 

Friday – Mini Market Maker 

The Masterclass sessions will be based on bringing you into understanding how the hybrid system works in forex. Why is this important? Because everything we talk about is based on forex strategies. 

You will see the beauty of the patterns playing out, the cycles clear as day, and the respect of key zones such as the Range Daily high and low and the ADR and the beautiful bread and butter trades from the brinks box. 

The purpose is to introduce all the new members to how to really get to grips with what is being discussed. 

In the Masterclass sessions, we will also be doing the Theory V.s Practise on MT4 where we guess the direction of price. This will get you guys involved and active in applying the hybrid. 

I am looking forward to this week, so let the hunt begin 

Mad Love and respect gang 

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