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Breaking Down The Hybrid System

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About Course

Welcome to “Breaking Down The Hybrid System” The Hybrid has many indicators, which can be overwhelming if you place them all on your chart. However, knowing each indicator and its purpose is going to serve you when you come to the charts.

This course is designed to help you “know” the indicators you will be using.

The idea of this course is to help you plot all the indicators. What if you don’t have access to the hybrid system indicators, could you plot the psychological levels without the indicators?

Once you have completed the course you will have a thorough understanding of the following:

Who the market makers are.

What are the pivots levels?

How to draw the psychological levels.

Understanding the moving averages

How to read the vector candles.

So get some coffee sit back and Let’s have a conversation.

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What Will You Learn?

  • You will learn about all the indicators within the Hybrid system and how you can apply them to your trading.

Course Content

The Market Makers
In this video you will learn who the Market Maker is and what their purpose is in the financial world.

The Patterns
This video will introduce the main patterns we use in the Hybrid System.

The Moving Averages Part 1
This video will introduce the Moving Averages and why they are important when using the Hybrid System.

The Moving Averages Part 2
This second part will dive into how to use the Moving Averages.

What Is Volume?
In this video you will learn about how to use volume indicator in the Hybrid System.

Pivot Levels
This video introduces the pivot levels and how you can compute and understand how to use the pivot levels in your trading.

The M Levels
This video is a follow on from the "The Pivot Levels". The M Levels talks about the median of the standard support and resistance.

This video introduces the ADR (Average Daily Range) and how you can workout the ADR for any asset you are looking to trade.

In this video you will learn what the AWR (Average Weekly Range) and how to compute this and plot it on your charts.

The Psy Levels
This video breaks down the psychological levels and how you can workout and plot them on any asset you trade.

The Vector Candles
THis video introduces the vector candles and what the colours represent.

Trading Style
In this video we explore what the hybrid system looks like when you activate all the options available.

Final Thoughts

This is a glossery of the terms used in the hybrid system

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4 days ago
Nice & concise, informative packets. Thanks.
5 days ago
Clear overview of the Hybrid system. Great base of knowledge next to the daily videos on YouTube. Thanks Tino!
1 week ago
awesome course
4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
Tino is genius, and he understands charts as no one other. Plus he is really generous with sharing his knowledge. Moreover, he is absolutelly great teacher.
The Hybrid System is the only one which really helps you understand what's going on with asset you're trading.
4 weeks ago
1 month ago
best course,best teacher
1 month ago
Tino Brings the fire!
1 month ago
Thank you Tino! Great course. :)
2 months ago
Tino bringing in the fire! :D mad love & respect! <3
2 months ago
Thank you for share your knowledge with us. Waiting for more curse from you )
2 months ago
Loving the training, and the system.
2 months ago
I enjoyed the first series. Keep up the hard work. I look forward to the next chapters.
2 months ago
Well Done Tino!!
2 months ago
2 months ago
Thanks Tino
2 months ago
Great content, very well structured and visually appealing, you are a trading crack.
2 months ago
Fantastic refresher to the Hybrid System. I wish I had this when I started over a year ago. Great stuff Tino!
2 months ago