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Breaking Down The Hybrid System

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Welcome to “Breaking Down The Hybrid System” The Hybrid has many indicators, which can be overwhelming if you place them all on your chart. However, knowing each indicator and its purpose is going to serve you when you come to the charts.

This course is designed to help you “know” the indicators you will be using.

The idea of this course is to help you plot all the indicators. What if you don’t have access to the hybrid system indicators, could you plot the psychological levels without the indicators?

Once you have completed the course you will have a thorough understanding of the following:

Who the market makers are.

What are the pivots levels?

How to draw the psychological levels.

Understanding the moving averages

How to read the vector candles.

So get some coffee sit back and Let’s have a conversation.

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What Will You Learn?

  • You will learn about all the indicators within the Hybrid system and how you can apply them to your trading.

Course Content

The Market Makers
In this video you will learn who the Market Maker is and what their purpose is in the financial world.

The Patterns
This video will introduce the main patterns we use in the Hybrid System.

The Moving Averages Part 1
This video will introduce the Moving Averages and why they are important when using the Hybrid System.

The Moving Averages Part 2
This second part will dive into how to use the Moving Averages.

What Is Volume?
In this video you will learn about how to use volume indicator in the Hybrid System.

Pivot Levels
This video introduces the pivot levels and how you can compute and understand how to use the pivot levels in your trading.

The M Levels
This video is a follow on from the "The Pivot Levels". The M Levels talks about the median of the standard support and resistance.

This video introduces the ADR (Average Daily Range) and how you can workout the ADR for any asset you are looking to trade.

In this video you will learn what the AWR (Average Weekly Range) and how to compute this and plot it on your charts.

The Psy Levels
This video breaks down the psychological levels and how you can workout and plot them on any asset you trade.

The Vector Candles
THis video introduces the vector candles and what the colours represent.

Trading Style
In this video we explore what the hybrid system looks like when you activate all the options available.

Final Thoughts

This is a glossery of the terms used in the hybrid system

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2 hours ago
Though I was stupid not to take this course till now, it's time to play smart and make some profit. Tino IS MY FAVOURITE TEACHER <3 MAD LOVE AND RESPECT HIM.
2 weeks ago
Hello, what do i need to do to rewatch this course??
THank you.
2 weeks ago
Very insightful, I have been watching Tino's live streams for almost two full years now and still learning the craft. This course makes a lot sense before watching his live streams. Great Value Tino, happy days from South Africa.
3 weeks ago
Mind blowing.
3 weeks ago
Excellent amount of information and explained very well!
1 month ago
great course, would be good to explain more of the terms in the video if then dropped in the quiz questions like 'fanning', also less speculative open ended question is it 'ok' to trade weekly open - T/F more Hybrid system narrative answers would be good.
1 month ago
Great course, broken down into nice bite size chunks - highly recommend
1 month ago
Excellent content
1 month ago
2 months ago
love the course and indicator
2 months ago
2 months ago
need more info
2 months ago
excellent! time for practice.
2 months ago
I joined a trading community and saw a successful trader sharing charts with all these crazy lines and colors. I'd never seen anything like it and found it very confusing, but I was also curious. I asked him about it and he pointed me to the Trader's Reality YouTube playlist on the Hybrid system. It was great! This course is even better, I believe. It's more refined and covers each part of all those crazy lines and colors that were so confusing at first glance. Now it all makes perfect sense!
2 months ago
overall, the best summary of the hybrid system
2 months ago
I've redone the course as a refresher as I now comprehend so much more now about how the Hybrid system works, because of your twice daily videos as well as all the other videos we can watch about the Hybrid system, than I did a few months back when I first did the course. I Love it, and am so grateful to you, Tino, for making the Hybrid system and the course available to everyone, plus everything else you do for the community. Thank you.
2 months ago
3 months ago
3 months ago
now to use what i learned
3 months ago
clarification on point :)