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So you want to trade? You probably have googled “How to start trading?” or “ How to make money trading?”.

Regardless of the system you choose to trade with you have to determine what kind of trader you are? Scalper? Swing Trader? Or do you simply just buy and hold?

The Hybrid System

If you are new to this channel or the hybrid system, then I welcome you to the hardest, easiest, way to make money. The goal of the channel is to not only help you understand how the market works but more importantly, help you understand how to behave in the realm of uncertainty we call the markets.

Everything you need to get started below . 

Step 1 - Join the Discord

The Pattern Watchers Discord is filled with over 11 thousand people that have varying levels of experience with the hybrid system. Get yourself acquainted and join the family. There is not a question that is not asked that all the members can’t answer. The purpose of the discord is to provide you a go to regarding anything discussed in the streams. 

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Step 2 - Downloads & Tools

The hybrid system has come a long way. The contribution by many members in the discord has been flawless and mad love and respect to everyone who has put the work in to make this system as accessible to as many people as possible.

Below are all the tools you need to get yourself set up and how to use them. As most of you may be aware, the hybrid system is now accessible on trading view, so all the tools you need are provided below. 

The Hyrbid System Indicator.

The hybrid system has been coded to be used in Trading view. You will find the link below so you can use it and refer to it during any live streams. All you need to do is click “add to favorites” and you can then apply it to any chart from your favourites.

Add Ons To The Hybrid

Below are a few more indicators that we use within the hybrid that are useful at helping us find confluences in the charts

Masterclass Access

The masterclasses are conducted twice a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays. These classes are designed to help you understand various aspects of the hybrid system in real-time so that you can develop proficiency within the system.

Starting Your journey

If you are completely new, I would recommend you go through the following playlists to help you come to an understanding of how to use the indicators discussed in the streams and more importantly, how to gear your mind set towards trading. 

I wish you all the success on your first step on your trading journey. If I can be of assistance towards your success then please communicate with me.
To your happiness and success.