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Scalp Trading using the Hybrid System.

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About Course

This course will teach you how to scalp using the Hybrid System. This is a condensed version of thousands of hours of Hybrid System Trading, strategy, and Information, in an easy-to-follow format, coupled with quizzes and PDF’s for educational purposes.

So what will you learn?

You will learn about how the market makers prepare their positions and how to identify the ways they trap traders.

An extensive breakdown of the Vector Candles and how we can use them to find trading opportunities.

We will explore the importance of the moving averages and how we can estimate the probability of a move starting to develop. The primary focus regarding the moving averages is recognizing why “fanned” moving averages, present trading opportunities and how we can identify these situations and trade them.

During the course, you will be introduced to two concepts regarding patterns. These two structures give us the foundation to anticipate trading opportunities.

A Live trading session with Bitcoin which helps us put all the concepts discussed into action.

A Bonus Strategy is revealed for those who want to scalp the markets for a very short period of time.


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What Will You Learn?

  • This course will show you the ways you can scalp using the Hybrid System. I share my experience on what works for me and how you can use the Hybrid System to scalp any market and any asset.

Course Content

First Things First
In this video, we dive into what the hybrid system is all about.

  • First Things First

Is Scalping For You?
In this video we dive into scalping and if it is something that you want to pursue as a trading style. A couple of hard truths when it comes scalping are mentioned...

What To Expect In this Course
A quick overview of what to expect in this course.

The Science Of Practise Part 1
In this two part video, you will learn about why practise is so cruical for your development as a trader of the Hybrid System.

The Science Of Practise Part 2
Following the first part, we dive into the patterns in more detail.

The Cycles
The Cycles are the foundation for the patterns and why vectors appear at specific points in the charts. In this video we learn about how to identify what a cycle is and it's importance in our trading.

Vector Candles: What You Need To Know
This video Introduces you to the Vector Candles and what we need to look for when using the vectors in our trading.

The Two Ways To Trade
This is a quick introduction to the set ups we discuss moving forward in the course.

The Set Up For A Buy (Long)
In this video we dive into the criteria to place a Buy (Long) using the Hybrid System.

The Set Up For A Sell (Short)
In this video we dive into the criteria to place a Sell (Short) using the Hybrid System.

Breaking Down The EMA’s Part 1
This is a two part video on the Moving Averages that we use in the Hybrid System. First Part introduces each Moving Average and it's purpose.

Breaking Down The EMA’s Part 2
This video dives into how to use the moving averages to find trading opportunities.

BONUS STRATEGY: “First Vector”
In this video I introduce you to the First Vector strategy that is perfect for finding quick scalps on any asset.

Assets To Trade
In this video I Introduce the assets, in my opinion are best for scalping using the Hybrid System.

In this video you will see how we apply all the concepts of the Hybrid System in this scalping session with Bitcoin.

Risk Management
In this video we cover a few formulas that can help you workout what risk is suitable for your account size.

“So What”
This video talks about trading psychology...

Your Journey Starts Here
A few words before you step into the arena of scalping.

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1 week ago
Great explanation and live trading to learn from! Thanks
2 weeks ago
Thank you very much for the instructive course! Tino explains the matter around the hybrid system and how to use it in scalping very well. Keep it up! I myself have a very good feeling that I am on the right path to becoming a trader!
3 weeks ago
Great course! Distills many hours of masterclasses into one well organized series of videos. Well worth the price.