I guess in the world of trading, many talk about the way to trade or purchase this system to guarantee profits, however what is admirable are the traders that 


Today’s Performance: 


5 trades – 3 wins 2 losses. gain %0.54 

Today was a little bit of a weird start to the first session. 

After the London open price went on to make a double top, Large Red Candle came in above the 109.750 mark, giving me a warning about what the MM are looking at doing. My entry was after a red candle showed activity, however, the mistake I made was I didn’t allow the candle to close. 

Held for a while and had the previous tops as stop loss. The news was due to come out so waited until the New York, a surge of volume came in and hit the first profit target. I could have held until the RDH was hit however you can never be too sure of anything in this game.  As always price did go to the RDH as anticipated. 


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