Ok guys, notable voulme has just come through now if you look at last week, we are seeing the same behaviour as we did on the friday…Look back to last friday and we saw the same consolidation and drop by the market makers…

Now if the market makers are using this move to get bitcoin lower to fill longs, we will see support coming in at the range daily low, which you can see from the v shape pattern.

This support should be triggered by the new york reversal…

Be mindful guys, bitcoin has only come to areas that we have been anticipating on the basis that they favor lower prices, so things are coming into play on that assumption. 

Friday looks like its building position day…So it may calm down, or due to the fact that it is bank holiday on monday, market makers may move price today and get price to a zone to absorb the fact that there is a bank holiday next week.

Add caution to caution guys 

Trade Well My Friends 


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