Good evening guys…

Firstly, i apologise for the hick ups on the stream, moving over to OBS, it looked sweet but man there was chaos behind the scenes, or should i say i was losing it.

Now i have posted this video showing you the final positions being closed out. I decided to close this because It looked like a stop hunt rise that was coming into play and i didnt want to leave money on the table.

I hope that the new approach is going to be impressionable on you guys. As we progress into the week we are going to be exploring how we can merge crypto trading and Forex trading..I believe we must be prepared for all aspects in this game…When crypto is not moving, we need to still be on our A game and look to various assets that will at least keep us applying the knowledge acquired….Why?..Trading is one of those skills where if you are not continously doing it, you lose your edge, when i say edge, i’m talking your mental edge. 

When you are at the charts for a long time and know what to look for, the way you embrace the game becomes different. This i tell you, screen time is only worth it if you are looking at the the right thing…Remember, thousands of other retail traders are waiting for the wrong thing…The beauty of this system….It’s designed to let you know when the market maker is moving and exploit those who simply trade because “Price is rising” 

See you at the STAGE….The Hunt continues…..

Welcome to Midweek Reversal 

Mad Love Guys 

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