Good Morning all…

OK…So from the previous post, the general overview is everyone is requesting videos in a series format explaining the concepts individually…Now in the YouTube channel there is a playlist called “Understanding The Hybrid System”. Now, this does include videos on the system, however I agree there needs to be some structure so that one playlist can be the “go to” for anyone new and old that may want to learn more about the concepts discussed…

I will be doing these videos and uploading them to the above playlist…Some will be short, others will be long and carry more detail.

Ultimately, the idea would be, you watch those videos in your spare time and when we hit the stage sessions and when you are receiving the daily updates, you can apply that which is discussed in the video series in real time.

It’s come to the point where even myself, if I were you, would not go back in the previous streams and try and extract the information. Granted, the benefit of the previous streams includes the concepts discussed in real time which carries so much more weight than talking in hindsight.

I will start rolling out a structure/series of videos that break everything down. So that I too can make reference to new people that ask “what is a vector candle” I can refer them to the play list.

Don’t worry guys. There will be order in the chaos….I’m just grateful you guys give me your insights and are committed to learning….

Thank you for your comments in the previous post.

Mad love to you all


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