Good evening guys,

Just before i go to sleep i always look at the charts…

Here is a potential play by ethereum that may come into fruition.

As always, proceed with caution, do not simply place buys because i have drawn a projection. Consider the following: 

Price is holding above the 50 ema…You need a clear break away from this point

THe pivot is sat at the 50 ema…Confluence added to confluence. 

The 800 ema is in sight which is the 200 ema on the 4h time frame.. A very important area. 

Price has not tested m2 pivot exactly, however has pulled away from it…This is strength. 

You are waiting for notable volume to come in to confirm they favor higher prices…

Range weekly high and Range Daily high in sight…

This is only if Ethereum takes out the previous asian session high. 

Trade Well My Friends 

The hunt continues


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