What’s good gang?

A quick update on last night’s price action.

The nearest Projection zone for BTC has been successfully taken…

Notice what happened.

Blue Vector coming in…volume starting to rise, or intention slowing down?

We know when a projection zone is taken, it retraces.

Pay particular attention to BTC chart.

Notice the purple arrow. THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE AS A TEST OF THE 50EMA
Notice how the 5 and 13 ema failed to break down…if you had entered earlier, you would not have had a reason to sell because the 5 and 13 did not break the 50 on the 1hr.

Are we about to see the same attempt again to the upside.

We can see the 800 ema in sight around the 45200 zone.

Wait to see if they will hold this zone before they attempt the highs one more time.

The 200 ema is currently acting as the anchor which will determine if they will hold this zone or move away from it. If they contain price in this zone, the 50 will move up towards this area and we would naturally expect another accumulation phase and then break out from the zone.

As always…Monday…false move….but how long will the false move be false for…
What if the new York session comes in and continues higher?

Will keep you posted guys.

Currently on the move with the mini Market maker.

Mad love guys


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