You may have come to a point in your life where you question…

”Do I love what I do?”

“Is there fulfillment in my chosen career?”

Most run these sort of questions whether they are on their way to work, lying in bed at night, taking a shower, eating. There is always that question on “What am I good at?”. Let’s be optimistic now, how about you ask yourself, “WHAT can I be good at?”

No one is born a trader. Trading is a skill that is developed. You “become” a trader. Through the consistent execution of discipline, persistence and dedication. Now this seems so simple to apply, theoretically speaking, however trading is probably the only profession where your true character is tested. You are accountable for all your actions. You have the sole responsibility to make sure that you apply your rules, strategy, in order to survive in the game of trading.

Now there are thousands of ways to “Start Trading”. Like most, the first time I started trading, I experienced beginners luck, looking back, I wish this was not the case, because I had installed a mindset that trading was “easy” from the get go. I sure got humbled by the market, many times over.

The aim of this post is to really help anyone who is looking to start trading. You may already be on your journey to trading, you may need a fresh start. So Traders Reality has teamed up with the, (in my opinion) best educators, regulated and renowned brokers and private wealth firms to provide anyone looking to start their trading journey or add more value to their development.

When I started my journey, I opened a trading account with whatever broker had the minimum deposit. I was so eager to jump in. I wanted to swim with the sharks. That’s how I learn. I of course was bitten, many times.

Where To Begin

I believe I would have been a consistently profitable trader had I addressed my psychology first It would have saved me a lot more money. It’s always the case, you realise the importance of something once the value of whatever it is has disappeared. The first thing to do Is address your psychology.


Trading Composure explores all aspects of trading psychology. All the emotions that a trader will experience, the reasoning is addressed in the course below. Investing in your education is only going to create awareness to avoid making the mistakes that will either cost you thousands in capital, or simply blow you out of the game. Trading is about longevity, it’s your goal to arm yourself with the knowledge that will prevent exposure to the ever daunting phase of “Blowing An Account”. Now I am not saying you won’t ever blow an account, you may be reckless one day, however, developing the mindset of awareness that will prevent you from making such mistakes gives you a better chance of survival in trading.

Trading Mastery

Trading Composure taps into levels of psychology that will prevent the bad habits from appearing. This helps you create an awareness in your trading, critical for your development.


Brokers here and Brokers there, everywhere you look, 10/10 your going to see a broker that offers you their services to entice you to start trading with no minimum deposit, or bonus schemes. Don’t get me wrong, when you first start trading, you are looking to jump into the markets to test the waters. This is something that I did from the very start I found interest in Trading.

Choosing a broker is the basis towards ensuring that you are using a broker that is trusted and regulated and that fulfills your every requirement with regards to trading and more importantly, the management of your capital.

I have provided below a handful of brokers that have served me extremely well and continue to do so. All that you need to seek is regulation. That way you are of the piece of mind that there is a governing body behind the broker and practices that they must adhere to. Believe me, I have had my fair share with brokers, funnily enough, I had one broker, which I will not disclose, Simply decided to wipe my whole account> I had no trade on, it simply disappeared, I guess that explains why you must be with a broker who is regulated.

Below are three of the Brokers who I highly recommend to assist you in security and flawless customer service and a wide range of trading tools and support.


Before we actually start trading, we need to establish our level of knowledge in the industry of trading. Traders Reality has teamed with 20 year trading veteran Steve Burns to educate traders new and old on how to really approach the markets in the financial world.

Steve provides his education through the New Trader University. There are modules that cater for every traders requirements. Below are just a few.

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