What’s good guys. Two things

1) BITCOIN – Currently holding at the 5m 800 ema. I am expecting a move from this point. If bitcoin can sustain this zone we can expect a move back up. If the 800ema is breached on the 5m expect another leg down.

This is an important zone and whenever you see price on the 5m time frame near a 800ema or 200 you can expect some volatility.

2) At some point today you will be receiving a break down of how to apply specific strategies regarding the ADR. When I start seeing you guys discussing this I then think ok a break down of how I would trade it would help you all.

I’m going to incorporate the vwap into this and the importance of the Asian session high and low and the 5m 800 ema 200ema plays.

Asia is very important at establishing how likely price is going to form the assumed adr.

I will dive into this for you and you should receive the video at some point today.

Mad love


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