Welcome to the addition to the “Fix My Trading” Series – “Learn How To Scalp”

Having completed the “Fix My Trading” Series with fellow traders, I thought by creating a course that involves interaction with myself and charts to better understand how to trade the way I trade. I only trade the way the market makers trade. It’s the only way to really exploit the market.

The “ Learn How To Scalp” Series is all about how to take the opportunities that are presented by the market.

My method only involves scalping, only because it suits my personality. This is one of the important elements to this course. I establish what kind of trader you are, if this course is not for you…Then I will REFUND YOU.

Scalping must be taken seriously. You can learn how to be a swing trader, however my personality does not suit that method. I need to get in a trade and be ready for the next. By having this mentality I keep my exposure low and create more opportunities by not holding positions and waiting for break even.

In this course I introduce all the tools I use. You will have access to everything you need. More importantly, once you join the course you will receive my on going help and support can contact me via our “Team Traders” messaging board. Here you will be engaged with other traders also.

You will receive 3 Live trading sessions. These sessions are about applying what you have been shown about this course. I start off with a One To One session that lasts around 90 minutes. This introduces the method to you and what you need to know.

The objective is to get you to a level that you would feel confident to place trades by yourself. I will guide you along the way and will always be accessible for you to ask questions.

You will be shown the tricks of the trade. NO jargon. Just straight up trading.

There is speculation about courses and signals. I completely understand why many would be apprehensive. However, this course is about actually teaching you how to understand how the market works, not just how a system trades. In order to be successful in this game you must learn to adapt.

This is what this course shows you.

I look forward to anyone who joins. I want to create a team of scalpers known for their sniper like entries, fast in, fast out.

Trade Well My Friends

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