Yo guys, whats good ….? 

Another great session in my opinion, two main topics discussed in this video are understanding the following: 

The Sessions: 

We dive into exploring how the asian session, Uk, and US, influence the way price moves. 

The first 1h 25mins discusses this. 

The next part of the class explores Candlesticks and how the retail trader uses candlesticks…

We have all agreed that i will be doing another master class session on Wednesday next week exploring more aspects into the hybrid system. 

I hope, again, you are starting to get the information guys. 

P.S I will be assigning homework again for you all.

Also, I will be creating a channel in the patreon discord for you to have access to the Master class and discuss things in that channel. 

WIll catch up with you guys later on. 

Mad Love and respect to you all 

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