What’s good guys

Heads up for tomorrow’s Masterclass session

Strategy within a Startegy….

The purpose of tomorrow’s Masterclass is to help you become familiar with applying different aspects of the hybrid system and integrate them using different scenarios that are presented by the market makers.

At the end of the Masterclass you would be geared towards knowing how to exploit specific moves that present themselves at certain points in the charts.

First part will dive into understanding the key components of the hybrid. (Back to basics)

Second part will help you understand “what is likely to work”
at particular points in the chart.

11am gang…lots to get through…Gunit…this pdf will take you a while my friend.

Make sure you have your coffees ready.

I believe I will be chewing your ears off tomorrow.

Mad love


P.S. God bless everyone who wished my daughter well. She’s had an early night and should be ready to rock my world tomorrow lol.

Peace guys.

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