Whats good guys? 

I apologise if my voice aint so clear…

But in this video i dive into what we can expect today from bitcoin.

In my opinion, Friday is the only day where profits can be taken and/or bases can be built…What do we mean by bases? Preparation for the weekend. Especially crypto. 

In the video I go on to mention about a few concepts a few of you guys have requested from me to start talking about and I am going to dive into detail about these topics as i believe it will serve you all in your analysis. 

Cumulative Delta 

Volume Profile 

What I look at (Set up) 

Order Flow. 

This will probably trigger some interest amongst you, but in my opinion the above and the hybrid…Massively improves our edge…

Will keep you guys posted on how i will roll this out for you guys. 

Trade well 

Mad Love 


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