What’s good guys…? 

So I would like to demonstrate something to you, to help aid you in “training the eyes” to see the intention. 

Consider the first chart above…


What has the price been doing (Environment) 

What do we see more of? What has changed? (First Green Vector) 

The Idea of this practice is to get you “Prepared” for movement. 

Now look at the other image….What happened in that zone before the run-up in price? 

Same Criteria? 

So the current range is where we anticipate the same sort of behavior if the aggressive move lower is going to be maintained. 


Because bitcoin is going to have a hard time moving up if DXY is still showing strength. 

Use the charts above and go and hunt for similar behavior in any asset across the board. 

When you see it…Trade it…Build feedback on what the ideal entry could be. 

Take the concepts discussed, “First green vector above the 50” 

The idea is to eventually provide you with a set of “tools” that you can refer to when it comes to establishing the direction of a particular move. 

Remember the mechanic anaology? He may not use a tool that is designed to fix the problem but uses a tool from experience that has helped him get closer to “fixing” the problem…

Mad Love 

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