Good evening all…

So tonight i am breaking down bitcoin for you and then tomorrow I will have the NASDAQ/SP500/US30/EURUSD/USDJPY/GBPUSD and a few altcoins that have made some strong moves. 

In tonights video i give my logic on the likely journey bitcoin is going to take coming into next week.

 When these scenarios happen, it is important to remind yourself that this can only happen if there are people being sold into. 

This is the basis of the hybrid system. 

Now going into tonight with the PSY levels we must be mindful (i explain in the video) what bitcoin does before that time. 

I have attached the Hyblock Updated also the bitcoin chart mentioned. 

It is alarming to think that the price will go higher when the 1 month Hyblock shows ZERO LIQUIDITY for them to go to, well anything substantial that is. This is why I am in my belief that the current move is a simple trap. 

Mad Love 

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