Whats good guys…

I have noticed that bitcoin is starting to break down. 

The next point in the chart could be the 15m Pivot point which sits at the recovery of the vector candle. 

Let’s make the assumption…

If bitcoin is to go and see this zone, once price hits the 50, on the assumption it does, we may see the retrace back towards the 5 and 13 ema on the 15m time frame. On that basis if price rejects this zone, we should see price breakdown below the 50 ema…

What you need to keep in your mind is at what point will the Market maker start stepping in. 

Ask yourself, has he exhausted enough committment by the retail traders to get in short, at teh same time hitting the liquidation points of the previous longs? At what point and what would you need to see for them to make another attempt at the highs. The clue is in the asian session. 

See you in the stream gang. 

Mad Love 

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