Good morning all. So in today’s video, i spend a bit of time breaking down my hypothesis for bitcoin today. 

The take away from the hypothesis is the belief that bitcoin will continue lower. 

I have demonstrated an approach in the video where I take the volume profile from the Bitcoin futures from the CME and look to mark that on the price chart of Bitcoin futures on Binance. 

Why have I done this? 

Because the Volume profile of Btc futures on the CME is volume that can not be manipulated…Its valid and monitored. So when price goes to a specific point in the volume profile of btc futures on the cme i can put more trust in the logic that if there is interest there it is going to be solid. 

So the utility of the chart below is that we are trading from one point to the next (value area high to value area low)

The image is attached below for you as a map of the journey BTC could take today. 

Mad Love 

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