Yo guys…The last video focuses mainly on a longer-term perspective of bitcoin. 

The above is a snapshot of what may happen with price coming into the Asian session…Remember it’s bank holiday in Asia. 

You can see in the above chart…We have specific points that are giving us an understanding of what may happen…

Remember, when a sharp move happens, up or down, a footprint is left..Notice the green vector candle…Followed by a wick lower…

The idea is that if they do not continue further up, then a retrace back down will be on the cards.

We would need to see, on every attempt back up, Bitcoin closing lower…(Green Arrows) _ this behavior gives you an indication of them hitting stops for the guys who went short, so they can grab that liquidity and continue with their move lower…

For price to go back up, they would need to break the structures of those lower highs in the chart, this would need to see aggressive vectors aiming to push price higher. 

Monday Morning in sydney, may bring some volatility – Volume? Different story. 

On the chart…Mark off Structures where price would need to break to solidify a move higher or low…If you go back in time you will see this behavior. I have attached a couple of examples. 

Catch up with you later guys 

Mad Love 

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