I know you guys are watching ethereum…

Ethereum is the faster mover.

Consider the vector candle range we drew off earlier today..

Ethereum has made its way towards that zone, tapped it a returned back up.

Again, we all anticipate a sharp move back up as a recovery….yet how long are we going to be in the trade for?

This is something that most traders have difficulty with, even myself, how much do we keep? How long do we hold the trade for?

Taking the entry is the easy part because it will never be a perfect entry…but closing the trade is the hardest part. Because we always want more…

Something to pay attention with ethereum is the collective vectors and the volume rising at the lows.

Remember we want aggressive movements in price because we can take high probability trades that are likely to return price back up.

I am expecting ethereum to come back and test the daily open and form the psy range high around this zone.

Remember the daily open will change so mark it off and have it as reference when the new daily open forms.

Again how much are you going to take?

The hardest bit in trading and holding a profitable position is the decision to close it whilst it is making you money.

Well ladies and gentlemen…welcome to the game of speculation.

Welcome to the hardest easiest way to make money.

Mad love


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