Good evening all. 

It’s been a very tricky day but that is usually the case when its earnings season and you get the US debt ceiling being questioned. 

You can see that the markets are not behaving the way we want them to. 

In tonights video i discuss the sentiment charts. 

More so, what Bitcoin needs to do for us to believe that it will come down. 

I’m of the impression that the market will surprise us with a great move tomorrow. 

Hyblock charts below…However i have also included bitcoin exo charts. 

Notice the red Delta below…I believe this is the trigger that could send bitcoin higher in tonight’s Asian session. WHY – When you see a negative delta appearing in that zone, we are to believe that people are being forced into liquidation to get rid of longs and go short, then the price reverses and moves up…It’s like they are telling us they want that 21700 zone but want to add to it (get more people short with these sharp drops). I anticipate that delta reading will decide if they go back up to that red vector.  If we do not get a reaction from that then bitcoin will stall in anticipation for tomorrow’s market. 

Trade well guys. 

Mad Love 

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