Ok….So you understand the hybrid. You make sense of the MM behavior  through the utlity of the vectors… The purpose of this exercise is to train the eyes…You may have heard me in the past say “This candle should turn into a vector” then it does…I want to get you guys to that ability….

The chart above is one of the assets we discuss…Could be one of the following: 








You are required to identify from the chart above, where you believe the vector candles reside. There are 32 in total. These range from stopping volume candles to normal vector candles

Clue to get you started: its the 15m time frame. 

Send me your submissions to tino@tradersreality.com 

Simply use an arrow to point where you believe the vectors are. You can do this in paint on windows

I will review those who submit their work to my email. 

Show me what you got…

P.s If you are new to the hybrid…Try this out, dont pressure yourself to master the hybrid in one sitting…It takes time…I will guide you. 

Mad Love 

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