Good Morning all. 

This video is designed to get you aligned with a routine of how to approach the FX markets when you look to start your trading day. 

We go over various assets that you may want to trade but remember, if you still into crypto this video is still valid for you because we know bitcoin follows the assets that are discussed. 

Call this video an example of how to determine what assets you want to trade. 

By the start of the new year you should have at least 2 assets that you are comfoprtable trading and stick to those assets and understand how they behave. 

We are in a macro driven market place with huge emphasis being placed on investors sentiment regarding the economy so paying attention to the yields and bonds markets is going to get you aligned with what to expect from the markets throughout the day. 

It is important that yolu committ to a specific time to trade, there is no time to be looking for marginal trading opportunities. If you were working at a prop firm do you think they would want you to trade the asian markets? What, just because there is movement, “Must” you place trades? 

We will be doing more of these videos and our breakdowns each day will include the practise discussed above…

Once you do this a few times it will be ingrained into your mind and you will know what to expect from specific assets. 

The next video will be involving trading specific news plays for EURO and US 

Mad Love 

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