Whats good guys…

Ok so this video dives into the whole funded trader program and what to expect when you pass the phases leading up to the funding process. 

Now my goal is to get 3 people and pay for them to take on a challenge and help them get funded. I will document the whole process so that you all can watch it back and see how they progress. 

Now if any of you want to dive into a challenge by yourselves, I have been given a referral link that gives you 5% off – its not much but its worth it..


Make Sure you apply the coupon “TR” during the checkout. 

Below is the history of my trades that I purposely have not added images…Why????

Because I want you to navigate the charts, pinpoint prices entries, zoom in zoom out…Getting you to “dive” into the charts…

Anyone have any questions…Let me know…

Now time for some Call of Duty

Mad Love 

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