What’s good guys.

Currently on my travels and things have started off pretty good. Driving and then go over a pot hole and my tyre pops out. Currently stranded waiting for a recovery vehicle. Happy days.

So I have my laptop with me but can’t do no video update this morning for you so here we go.

DXY – eyes are to be focused on Dxy

You can see above there is a green vector wick on the 15m time frame and Dxy has decided to get above the 200 ema on the 15m timeframe.

Now as of writing there is a blue vector that has appeared.

Is this the start of Dxy coming back up. A retest back in towards the daily open and the 200 ema would solidify a move back up if this run up is consistent.

Which leads me to Euro

Euro is approaching a key zone. Labelled with the first yellow arrow.

Now below you can see a red vector wick which sits at yesterdays open and close (second yellow arrow)

Now of euro continues with this move lower. One would be if the assumption that the peak may have been formed. Upon noticing this mornings price action euro made a fast move up and ripped the zone back down. This could be the start of euro breaking down towards the 800 ema on the 15m timeframe price point is 1.08200. Of course price will retrace before it gets there.


If the strength in Dxy continues then bitcoin will see lower prices. We have flash services pmi coming out today at 2:45pm GMT so this will effectively move the market.

Notice the structure I have drawn on bitcoin. This is factoring in the news play and testing the commitment of retail who is adamant price will continue higher.

I’m looking at the green vector candle below which sits at the psy low for the day.

Psy high has not been breached at all. Could this be the peak?

Once again guys I apologise I can’t get a video over to you. Will check in with you once I am sorted and off this road.

Mad love


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