What’s good guys…

In this video i break down a few trades i took with nasdaq. 

I also show you a few positions i am building in euro and USDCAD

My goal is to help you understand how to find a potential structure that is gearing up to move in a specific direction, purely off the idea of the vector candles. 

The images below are discussed in the video. 

Take into consideration the ATAS chart. I speak about the “Red Block” area. Now before the move happened, this had not appeared. Then all of a sudden a big sell order came in. This naturally made me assume the price was going to break down. 

I had to hold a little, then the result came in and the price collapsed lower. 

My goal with trades is to get in with as much size i can absorb, and get out as soon as possible. 

In my mind, whilst a trade is on, Im looking for reasons to get out. This is your goal when in a trade. 

I have also included the Hyblock ranges updated. 

Mad Love 

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