What’s good guys. So the chart above provides and example where most of us are thinking will this be the continuation to the downside.

Consider the following:

Sharp vector candle that appears from the highs after a big move to the upside. 1st clue.

Price is trying to test the 50ema on the 15m time frame.

Look towards the 200 ema on the same chart and notice where the red vector stopped. 2nd clue (sellers are present there) “maybe the market maker can get a few positions there”

The volume below..green vector candle comes in with low volume and fails to break above the 50.? Weakness or MM trying to hold the range to move back into the red vector recover?

If price moves back up from this point we will get confirmation once price can show strength at the 50 ema when it pulls back into it.

If it can’t close above the 50 with conviction.

It’s Yippe kiyae to the downside.

Mad love


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