Ok guys…Seeing some interesting behavior so I wanted to share my view on what i expect…

If you zoom in you will the collection of vectors around the Psy range. This gives me the idea that they are preparing for another move up…

Focus on the left of the chart. The next POC (Point Of Control) is in principle the next point of interest to induce traders…To sell or to buy? 

Notice how on the 1hr the daily open has been held very well…We have tapped the psy range and rejected the area with the purple vector giving me the idea price will start moving beyond this zone. 

Be mindful of the 200 ema and 50…They are compressed and we are waiting for them to expand out. 

This current zone price is playing within has a lot of high-volume nodes (volume profile bars). 

If we get the move i anticipate, then a break higher would lead towards the 23200 zone+ 

Remember….Its sunday…Moves up or down may have swift retraces…So pay yourself if you are presented with the opportunity to do so…

Mad Love 

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