As promised, below you will find 10 questions that are designed to help you dive into your “Trading Psyche”. The purpose of this exercise is to look back in a few months and repeat the same questions to yourself and look at how you felt the first time you answered them and what you may have learned about yourself and your trading. 

The Reason…

Simple..We get lost in analysis. We forget to “Bring things back into Frey”

Call these questions “Checking in” with your mindset in trading.

I will then do streams and address these questions and discuss the answers.

If you wish for me to mention your name when I discuss teh questions, Happy days…Please let me know in your email. 

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1) Why Are You Trading? – (Be Open About This Question)

2) What have you learned about the way you behave when in a losing trade and a Winning Trade?

3) How close have you been to quitting trading altogether, If you continued, tell me why? 

4) How does it feel to lose money on a trade that was in great profit? What example can you give where this had happened. Have you repeated this mistake? 

5) Have you ever compared money you “could have” made in trade that was missed or closed too soon and dwelled on this? What questions did you ask yourself? 

6) Do you believe in Practise makes perfect? or Practise Makes Accurate? – 

7) Do you feel deserving when you close a profitable trade? 

8) When you close a losing trade that you have held for such a long time, of course hindsight will deliver you questions on what you “Could have done” sooner. If you were to advise a new trader, what would you suggest thhey do if they were in this situation?

9) Do you believe in yourself? – Tell me why you think you can master this game? 

10) You are now at the point where you have a solid understanding of the hybrid…Yet you still struggle to apply the concepts or you get caught out in specific plays…How do you manage your mindset when you experience drawdowns…What would you tell the new trader coming into the hybrid what to expect?

BONUS QUESTION – Bitcoin Up or Down?

These questions are dsigned to get you in to the habit of being brutally honest with yourself…

For the new trader who is learning the hybrid system don’t worry if you are completely new to the hybrid…There are guys who can share some profound experience on what they have learned so far. 

Feel free to answer these questions…I will be pulling out a few answers on the saturday stream and streams moving forward from there. 

Friday is the deadline…

Mad Love 

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