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The images provided are an example of how to find specific plays based on the “Narrative” of the market maker.
We all know that the MM sends price up and down, we would refer to these as “Mark up” and “Mark Down” phases. Quick scalping plays like these happen all the time. The frame of mind you want to try and engage in is “Fast In, Fast Out”

Notice the 2minute chart where price stalls at the 800EMA.
The 5 minute chart does not show this…Yet it does show a big deviation awway from the 50….

I took the low of the session and the high at the 800EMA.

I established the equilibrium, which is visible as the 50% line…

Notice how price comes back down…

Go back in the charts and try and find this sort of disparity.

I will be letting you guys know about tonights projection streams and times very shortly.

Mad Love

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