What’s good guys. It’s 9:15pm in the Uk and I am two hours ahead in Cyprus.

So why is this relevant?

Consider the images…

On the 1hr time frame have you noticed we have had zero movement up until the last 3 hours or so.

What does this tell me?

Red vectors – points of interest to return back to…

Notice how we are within the zone that is the presumed psy ranges we drew earlier in todays video update.

Logic would assume that we anticipate the price of bitcoin to return back up to test the high earlier on around the 21400 zone.

How many of you agree that price is giving you the impression it just wants to go lower? Your probably right…it may just drop lower. But this is where the question you ask yourself is…do I trade the belief it’s going lower or do I trade the intermittent moves back up and trade the downside afterwards?

I am expecting the 21550 zone to be taken during the creation of the psy ranges.

Remember the price structure image we refer to when we are anticipating the psy ranges.

Will update you all once we have had a successful test of either the psy high or low.

Mad love


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