Good Morning all. 

This mornings update includes an answer to Strategics question regarding. 

The video has been edited so that i can keep it short and sweet and still include all the relevant information. 

When a candlestick “becomes” a vector”. Now this is a very subjective time in the vectors and you won’t be right every time. But the candlestick “speed” gives clues as to how the potential of a candlestick can form into a vector. 

We had an example presented to us on bitcoin, you will understand that the lower time frame vectors are faster and harder to project but we caught a good example. 

Trading is about probabilities. 

We draw structures, to give us a “road” or “path” of price…But imagine you are blindfolded (UNCERTAINTY OF MARKET) and someone says “the road is straight, keep walking” you rely on that person’s judgement (INNER VOICE), in trading, we rely on our own judgement, even though we are blindfolded…The only way you can survive the trips on the road (risk management) is to make sure you cut the loss, probe your trades, start small in the position, and build up to it as you get proof. 

We are focused on “Behaviour” before structure. The road is there, it’s “how” we choose to walk it. 


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