Yo guys, so based on the discussion in the video. Notice how they spiked higher…and come back into the range they moved from…

What can be learned from this behavior? 

Speed of candles…New daily candle will be printing soon. less than 50 minutes. 

If the daily candle which on BTCUSDTPERP (Blue vector)…Cannot finish strong, then a run to test the moves last support at 40024 may be on the cards…If this zone breaks, lower prices may be something we may see. Remember, if they come down towards the 40024 zone, and support comes in, be mindful of an FTD play…(those who are not familiar with an FTD, it is when price makes a high, comes down, then returns back up, and cannot take out the previous high. 

Lets see how this unfolds 

Mad Love 

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