Good evening guys

So the image above is the 14 hour chart on bitcoin.

Consider the large wick…what does the Hybrid tell you?

Principle would say, yeah we expect price to come back into the zone. The question stands…how much are you prepared to risk to test the narrative of bitcoin coming back up and recovering that zone?

Back to the question

What does the market maker want the retail trader to think?

On the chart above the 50 has yet to be tested.

Another wick is forming.

Drop down to the lower time frames. Make up how much of that wick contains vectors that have been recovered? This tells you quick profit taking by the Mm and recovering imbalances in the charts.

Refer back to emas stacking upwards and vectors showing their prescence.

Remember. How long can you handle being wrong on the basis of price coming back up towards that wick?

Keep it cheap.

Mad love


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