What’s good guys? Please allow the HD version to complete before you watch this video guys….refresh if you can’t hear the sound. 

I hope that by the end of this video, you will have an awareness of developing your intuition when trading. 

This was a very interesting session given that the actual video was roughly around 1h30 mins…

I was putting to the test my logic of Nasdaq holding a specific zone…

I wanted confirmation that I was not being tricked into believing that NASDAQ was going to break lower. 

The market maker had initiated his trap…Too many times I have reacted when the market reacts and I went with that logic to only lose out on the trade. 

However, my intuition guided me into believing that maybe the zone was destined to play out.

Again I was not given a true test of the zone to make me close the trade. 

I hope this creates a few click moments. 

You will see that the Hybrid on the 1m time frame with the confluences of delta and the volume profile gave me the reasoning to hold on to the trade….

The takeaway is: 

What reason do i have to close the trade? Till you get that reason…You ride the move. 

Mad Love 

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