In this short video, we exploit the news and determine if the market maker is going to trap traders to the upside. 

Now if you have managed to watch the last video, attention will need to be made to the “short Building” zone that the market maker had been setting up on Dollar yen. 

Now, this video will appeal to veterans of the hybrid system who are familiar with the concepts discussed. 

To the new guys…I will dive into this in more detail for you so that you can understand the reasoning behind why I took the trades. 

I do not advise anyone to trade news announcements if they are new to trading as it can get a bit chaotic, but in this video, I bring you into my way of thinking. 

I hope this clicks with a few of you man..You can see the change in mindset I am having and this is all down to experience where I have been here before, I wanted to close the bitcoin trade but I wasn’t really seeing the commitment to drop…I wanted to close the shorts, but purely on the way they were moving towards the psy high and that “short” building zone, something made me step in and build those shorts higher. 

Mad Love 

See you at the live 

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